Guaranteed Failure

I Made a Song in About an Hour

From 1:13 to 2:19 am on a Friday, I recorded and cut some sounds together to make slightly melodic noises. No, I’m not a musician As you may or may not know, my posts on here don’t really get planned in advance, at least not by a considerable amount of time. While struggling to think […]


We Live in a Society!

It’s been a hot minute since I last uploaded anything and I’ve felt like absolute crap the whole time. I really wanted to upload something but I kept getting my own way. Always thinking about how it could be received. How it wasn’t perfect. How it wasn’t really representative of me. Some people have a […]

Post-Uni Lifestyle

The System is (Occasionally) Down

Following up from last week’s post, I did try to keep track of where my time was going. The operative word here is “try”. I managed to do this for the first couple of days, then I just forgot to keep up with it. I did notice that my “worry time” increased this week, probably […]