Another Dumb Theory

Yes, I made another one of these. This time I talk about procrastination! I want to warmly welcome you to the Procrasti-Nation, if you identify with ignoring the things you should be doing in favour of menial tasks around the house. Or hanging out on social media and networking sites, instead of doing some research […]


We Live in a Society!

It’s been a hot minute since I last uploaded anything and I’ve felt like absolute crap the whole time. I really wanted to upload something but I kept getting my own way. Always thinking about how it could be received. How it wasn’t perfect. How it wasn’t really representative of me. Some people have a […]

Post-Uni Lifestyle


I’m Ade and this is my very own website. Why does that matter to anyone with an ounce of self-respect? Well, I’ll tell you for why! I am an average person – heck, a below average person, who thinks their voice matters enough to share it with the internet. I have lofty aspirations and a […]