Guaranteed Failure

I Made a Song in About an Hour

From 1:13 to 2:19 am on a Friday, I recorded and cut some sounds together to make slightly melodic noises. No, I’m not a musician As you may or may not know, my posts on here don’t really get planned in advance, at least not by a considerable amount of time. While struggling to think […]

The GOAJ Podcast

Podcast Ep 3: For the Love of Music!

Ah jeez, another one? Recorded on 30/04/2020 – I explain why music is so important to me, or at least I try to. Employing the age-old technique of reading, I relay my ideas surrounding my musical tastes and aspirations. I gush about my love for EDM, along with good ol’ classical compositions and offer a […]

Post-Uni Lifestyle

At My Wit’s End

This post is effectively a transcript for the video below. Enjoy! Welcome everyone, my name is Ade and this is Glass of AJ; the channel that accompanies my portfolio of the written word. I decided to make an audio-visual version of this week’s post after scrapping my original idea which was another Guaranteed Failure post. […]