The GOAJ Podcast

Podcast Ep 4: That’s Just Prime!

Memes are my lifeblood. In this short episode, I talk about a recent purchase on Amazon Prime that made me question my morals in the time of corona. This episode was conceptualised on 30/05/2020 and recorded on 19/06/2020. I had college work to do – sue me. Links: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Sign […]

Guaranteed Failure

I Learnt How to Make Croissants…sorta

They didn’t come out as expected. I have been baking a little more lately due to the lack of comfort food available at the moment. I miss you Greggs <3 I usually stick to what I know, but I decided to try something that may be considered an expert level product – croissants! Some people […]


We Live in a Society!

It’s been a hot minute since I last uploaded anything and I’ve felt like absolute crap the whole time. I really wanted to upload something but I kept getting my own way. Always thinking about how it could be received. How it wasn’t perfect. How it wasn’t really representative of me. Some people have a […]