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I’m Ade and this is my very own website. Why does that matter to anyone with an ounce of self-respect? Well, I’ll tell you for why! I am an average person – heck, a below average person, who thinks their voice matters enough to share it with the internet.

I have lofty aspirations and a desire to be amazing, but none of the motivation to get the ball rolling. That’s what this site is for; to help me achieve my dreams and document my progress along the way, and I want strangers to see me do it!

I want to blog about my journey after finishing my Bachelor’s degree and express how difficult it is for some people (i.e. me) to secure employment. I’m incredibly indecisive, so picking an industry is nigh on impossible for me. I have applied for jobs and have forgotten to follow-up on those applications. I’ve also reached to the interview stage for some, but failed miserably at the last hurdle. I want this to change, and I believe this blog will highlight those issues for me and possibly help other people. This is the Post-Uni Lifestyle.

My other blog has been my brainchild for the last 5 years, yet I still don’t have a name for it. My sister suggested, “Aspirational Adeola” but I felt like that didn’t fit my image. Maybe my image needs to change, and that may not be a bad thing. The whole crux of this project is to learn a new skill each month and document my progress.

Now, money is no object… in my possession, so I’m going to learn everything for “free” or for a low price. By “free” I mean using resources available on the internet, at a library or from a friend. The internet is not free if I am using it from home and travelling to a suitable library will cost a bit of money, but the cost may be negligible when compared to the value I would gain in my newfound knowledge. I will also use online and in-person courses to learn if they are cheap enough. I usually browse through the courses on Udemy because they are versatile and low in price when there is a sale. This idea is a Guaranteed Failure, hence the name.

The idea of my second blog is “Constant Personal Development”(CPD) – to continue to learn new things and be the best person I can be. Now if that sounds familiar, it’s because there is another meaning for that acronym – “Continuing Professional Development.” This refers to one’s development in regards to progression within their career. The things I will learn are not separate from this goal, but are not limited to it either. I want to improve myself professionally by learning technical skills used in the workplace, but also learn and improve skills that I would use in my personal life outside of work.

So that’s the low-down on the content for this site. Other things will be added later as I wish, because new projects are always a thing with me. That doesn’t mean I always finish old ones. If I feel like a project is that important, it will be completed, don’t you worry.

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By Ade

An aspiring creator in way too many areas, Ade loves to try something new, as long as it doesn't interfere with the balance of the universe too much. Trying to take each day as it comes, Ade edits videos for YouTube, occasionally records podcasts, and writes with strange mannerisms to entertain the world.