Glass of AJ is 2 Years Old!

My little website is getting older! Anniversary video time! In this video, I talk about where I’m at in terms of my self-improvement journey. I mention promises I’ve actually kept and embark on a further exploration of why giving things a go is good choice most of the time. Spontaneity breeds opportunity, it seems! Let’s […]

Guaranteed Failure

Initial Briefing

This post is here to lay down the ground rules of this particular blog. At least the ground rules for now, I tend to tweak things to fit my style as I move through life, so we’ll see what happens. Without further ado or anymore preamble, let’s get into it! The whole point of this […]

Post-Uni Lifestyle


I’m Ade and this is my very own website. Why does that matter to anyone with an ounce of self-respect? Well, I’ll tell you for why! I am an average person – heck, a below average person, who thinks their voice matters enough to share it with the internet. I have lofty aspirations and a […]