Post-Uni Lifestyle

The Prodigal Apprentice: Office-ally Back in Business

I return to work next week and I’m absolutely terrified. It’s literally been 7 months since I was last at work, (7.5 since I was in the office itself) so this is going to be a big ol’ change. No more waking up in the middle of the day, because I ignored my arbitrary alarms […]

The GOAJ Podcast

Podcast Ep 4: That’s Just Prime!

Memes are my lifeblood. In this short episode, I talk about a recent purchase on Amazon Prime that made me question my morals in the time of corona. This episode was conceptualised on 30/05/2020 and recorded on 19/06/2020. I had college work to do – sue me. Links: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Sign […]