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All my blog posts since my last social media update!

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So you’re curious about what I have been up to since October? Take a look at the links below to see the content I have uploaded since my last update on social media!

The Strength of Your Confidence Should Not Be Placed in Someone Else’s Hands – A Reflective Piece – Glass of AJ

The Tale of the Two Suitors – Part 1 – Glass of AJ

Just Checking In – Glass of AJ

Do You Need a Little Motivation? – Glass of AJ

The Power of Motivational Messages – When Used Correctly – Glass of AJ

The Reason Why I Haven’t Played Stumble Guys in a While – Glass of AJ

The End of SimpleThimbles – Glass of AJ

The Day I Met Reggie – Glass of AJ

The latest post is my anniversary post for my website, where I write a poem to express what Glass of AJ means to me!

Glass of AJ is 3 Years Old!!! – Glass of AJ

That’s all for now, see you next month!

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