The End of SimpleThimbles

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Ok, SimpleThimbles isn’t really gone, just under a new name!

I also posted this to Instagram with a cute caption and everything!

As some of you may have noticed, my other online screen name SimpleThimbles has changed to AnAppleAde. This new name is a play on words using the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and my name, Ade!

It may take some getting used to. I know I’m struggling, especially because some of my personal accounts – that you don’t see because they have nothing to do with this site or streaming – still have the old name on them.

It’s like seeing a ghost every time, but the change was needed.

So, what’s the plan from now on?

I want to take this as a chance to truly separate the online identities I use. AnAppleAde will still be linked to Glass of AJ, but it will have its own site (as soon as I build it, that is).

The SimpleThimbles section of will remain on here as an archive of my past projects. It will serve as a marker of the name that I held for about a decade. Gone but not forgotten, eh?

Time for a Toast!

So here’s to SimpleThimbles for allowing me to cast on and start the tapestry of my projects, and let’s hope that I can continue to grow and cultivate something amazing with AnAppleAde!

Thank you for being along for the ride so far!

Here are my new social links (since the old ones in this section of the site will no longer work):

AnAppleAde Links:

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Glass of AJ Links:

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