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The Tale of the Two Suitors – Part 1

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This is based on a true story, but I made into a fairy tale for your – but mostly my – amusement.

Me wistfully waiting for my perfect match – but I’m royalty, of course!

Photo by John Ray Ebora from Pexels

Adeola was the most employable person in all the land and everyone wanted a piece of the action.

No, no, that’s not quite right.

In truth, Adeola didn’t have everything the many employers of the land wanted and could only manage to fit a few roles. But those few roles are the perfect fit for our little job-seeker!

After a few searches and a bit of luck, Adeola was presented with interest from two suitors. The first was too shy to send a message themselves and had to go through a third party – a matchmaker if you will. This suitor was interested in Adeola’s educational history in Geography and thought that they could be a perfect match!

Unfortunately, news from the first suitor soon trailed off and Adeola felt rejected once again. In pursuit of another employment match, Adeola looked elsewhere.

After a month, Adeola just so happened upon a role that was very similar to her last. Vying to be an Office Assistant for this new suitor, Adeola took the plunge. After spending several hours revamping and creating the perfect CV, Adeola sent the application off with a kiss and fingers tightly crossed.

A few days later, the second suitor calls and wants to speak on the phone for a little while. Adeola obliges. Good vibes were certainly shared as later that day, the second suitor returns another call to her, asking to meet over video call in 2 days. Squee! Our little job-seeker was filled with glee and happily accepted the invitation to a glorious Zoom call.

The day after the Zoom invitation was given, something surprising happens! The first suitor returns a message through their little matchmaker. An apology was shared and forgiveness was imparted, but this change of events meant the first match could still happen! Hope was not lost for our little job-seeker! The matchmaker asks if the following week would be acceptable for a video call with their client over Teams. Squee! More glee from Adeola, as she happily accepts this second invitation!

What will happen next? Who will Adeola choose? The next part of the tale will come out in about a week. Stay Thirsty!


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