Introducing… Myself?

I’m featuring a YouTube video I made for my other online persona, SimpleThimbles! I tried out the whole haul video thing and I liked making it. I just hated editing it. I probably take a long time editing things because I watch them a million times over looking for mistakes to fix. Oh, the woes […]

The GOAJ Podcast

Podcast Pilot: Going Down the Sh*tter

This is what happens when you buy a small novelty microphone from eBay – you become a wannabe podcaster! Yes, his name is “Mini Mic” <3. Recorded on 30/03/2020 – I talk about what my forced time off could be used for. I lay out my worries concerning my job, my financial stability and my […]

Post-Uni Lifestyle

Life as an Apprentice

Hello, how are you doing? I only start with pleasantries because it’s been a month since I posted anything on my site. Sorry. In fact, I haven’t posted since last year, if you’re being pedantic. For those of you who like to pay attention to detail, I have changed the layout of my site because […]