Do You Need a Little Motivation?

Hello, I hope you’re doing well. OK, that may be a bit too formal, so let me be real with you for a moment. Life is kind of a bit hard, isn’t it? Although our problems may differ, the concept of hard times is something that most people can relate to. Financial woes, health issues, […]

Post-Uni Lifestyle

Why I’m Having Trouble Finding a Position

Originally written on 01/09/2019 – previously unreleased due to fear of reception. Lightly edited for clarity. Today’s other post So I haven’t had a full time job since February 2019 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have had the time to go on courses, build myself in my personal time and make […]

The GOAJ Podcast

Podcast Pilot: Going Down the Sh*tter

This is what happens when you buy a small novelty microphone from eBay – you become a wannabe podcaster! Yes, his name is “Mini Mic” <3. Recorded on 30/03/2020 – I talk about what my forced time off could be used for. I lay out my worries concerning my job, my financial stability and my […]