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Podcast Ep 3: For the Love of Music!

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Ah jeez, another one?

Recorded on 30/04/2020 – I explain why music is so important to me, or at least I try to. Employing the age-old technique of reading, I relay my ideas surrounding my musical tastes and aspirations. I gush about my love for EDM, along with good ol’ classical compositions and offer a theory about personal preferences in audible art.

No warnings this time, I think… except for my opinions?

I might be weird for loving both the unrefined and the high-brow, but I love all music. Vocal, instrumental, a capella, guttural noises – you name it!

Shorter episodes are fun to make, and I finally found that structure I was looking for, even though it meant just reading out of my notebook. Hopefully it gave a clearer message and wasn’t so heavy or whiny.

Let me know what sorts of music you’re into, and I’m always open to recommendations. Unlike TV shows, it’s easier for me to get into a new artist. What’s a few minutes to recognise a song that will inspire you for an eternity?

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By Ade

An aspiring creator in way too many areas, Ade loves to try something new, as long as it doesn't interfere with the balance of the universe too much. Trying to take each day as it comes, Ade edits videos for YouTube, occasionally records podcasts, and writes with strange mannerisms to entertain the world.