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Life as a Furloughed Worker

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What happened? Ms. Rona happened.

Planning what to do with myself for a month or more – I got nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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As you all know, the world has been going through a likkle crisis lately. We will not mention it by name because this is a safe space. As a result of this crisis – I have become a “furloughed worker”.

What the heck is a furlough anyway?

Being furloughed means your employer is trying their best to avoid making you or your colleagues redundant. A furloughed worker will receive 80% of their usual salary from the government during their forced time off. They cannot work for their company during this time but they are still considered an employee.

Why did your employer make you a Furlough? Is it like a Furry?

I work in the travel industry. If you couldn’t tell, any type of travel or journey-making is not really happening for the foreseeable future. This means the company I’m working for isn’t making much money. And with less business, there are fewer tasks for me to do. We are all working from home and half of my duties exist in the office. If I am not in the office, my workload is slashed to a few computer-based tasks. You get the picture.

Is this Karma?

I make a few little remarks about my feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment and this is where it gets me?! I was well within my rights to not be completely happy with my situation at the time. I was stressed, tired and fed up with the same old energy-draining lifestyle I was falling into. Whether the situation I am in now means something positive or negative is yet to be determined.

What does this mean for your apprenticeship?

For now, I will still study and do my assignments. I’m just worried about any tasks that require me to get any information from my colleagues or manager. I don’t know what the extent of the restrictions are and what counts as real work or not with my training. I’ll have to see what happens as the situation progresses.

Does this mean you’re basically on holiday?

Yes! From 01/04/2020, I get to go all out on 80% of my minimum-wage salary and do all the things I ever wanted from the comfort of my own home. I get to travel to foreign places, like the cupboard under the stairs and explore the ancient depths of the space underneath my bed.


More content for us all to suffer from?

I will try to make the most of the time I have off. That’s all I can say without this becoming a lawsuit. If I promise too much, I’ll overwhelm myself and produce even crappier stuff than usual, and if I say I’ll stick to my usual “schedule” and exceed it, you may get sick of me. I’m sick of myself already, and this lockdown thing is basically what I used to do during my long-term unemployment.

Will you be OK?

I don’t what tomorrow will bring. I can only hope things will work out. Knowing what life was like when I started this site, I think I’ll make it just fine. My friends have already shown their support and all I can say is thank you <3.

I may have to file a new claim with Universal Credit, which seems fun with over half a million people doing the same. I will have to do more of my little side-hustles, and possibly come up with a business idea I can put into place in the current climate. They say in times of crisis, people are truly innovative, creative and resilient. I have to be flexible – and bend from the impact of whatever tries to break me.


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