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5 Ways to Earn Some Extra Dosh

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Another listicle? Oh, brother! This is what you waited all week for, so deal with it!

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No, of course, I’m kidding. This is a filler post, I’m not going to lie about it. I did start writing this week’s actual post on Monday, but I feel that it needs more nuance before release. It’s more like a jumbled mess of my thoughts at the moment, so I’ll get that out to you as soon as possible, but definitely before next Wednesday. So in the end, you get two posts this week, isn’t that great? I’m a pretty great person for treating you to two doses of my questionable writing this week.

This post is about different ways to earn some extra money. Ignoring all the dodgy survey sites I’ve wasted my time with, I am going to outline sources which have actually provided me with money in some way, shape or form. And I will be transparent, some of the links I have provided are referral links for my accounts. I do not directly gain money from giving these out, but I may receive a bonus if you get paid for doing some of these things. I am not affiliated with any of these sites. Now that I’m done with the preamble, let’sa go!

1. UserTesting

This is a site where you complete tests for various products and clients to earn money straight to your PayPal account. To be earning at least $10 each time means it is probably one of the best sites on this list. I’ve even seen prices go up to $60 per session/period. The problem comes with fitting into the criteria they want. But when you do, all you have to do is use a website for a few minutes, talk the client through the actions you are taking or any problems you have during the test. This is all done while your screen is being recorded on either PC/Mac or your smartphone. After you submit your recording, you’ll receive a payment to your PayPal account in 7 days.

Now, that I think about it, talking to yourself in this way is a bit weird but it’s fun to see what sorts of sites and products companies are working on or improving. If you want to sign up, click here.

2. TestingTime

Similarly to UserTesting, this is a site that allows you to complete tests for PayPal payouts. Love that alliteration. NOICE! Anyhow, these tests are more market research-based in my experience, allowing users to complete tests for a client during a chat on Skype or, or to possibly meet them in person. The money can arrive in your PayPal account in as little as a day from when you completed the test. I like this site because it’s less one-sided like UserTesting. You actually get to have a conversation with someone, get to know more about their goals regarding the testing and get more details about the purpose of the test. It also helps to have someone there if there is a problem with the website or program you are using. Having a person to guide you through an area of difficulty is incredibly invaluable.

But what you have to be careful about is the infrequent invitations to new tests and the speed of which you have to respond. Once you get that email for a new test, you have to apply in seconds to even have a chance at taking part. Some tests pay really well, sometimes up to £100 for the session/period. The highest amount I have earned is £20, which was good for a grocery shop, so I was pleased. If you are interested, use my referral link to sign up.

Another similar site is Research-I, but I have yet to be accepted for an assignment from them.


This is the site where I make my living… or at least I try to. Although I have completed a good number of projects, I’m still not a full member, which means I get paid peanuts for the work I do. 1 hour and 20 minutes spent typing and editing a transcript gets me $2 – on a good day. The pay should increase once I reach a particular threshold of completed work, but I am definitely not earning a significant amount from this. Granted, it probably is because I type slower than most professional transcriptionists and I quadruple check my work at a minimum. I do get almost perfect scores every time, so it is worth it.

I would say this site is good if you want to improve your typing skills, along with your listening and English comprehension skills. Even for the criminally low pay, it’s still a welcome bit of change to supplement my living costs. And the best thing? You don’t need previous experience or an especially fast typing speed to get started. Rev trains you how to use their specialist editor which is browser-based; meaning no downloads, and they teach you about their specific style of transcription.

If you want to build up some typing skills and earn a bit of extra money to your PayPal every week, sign up here.

4. Qmee

Regardless of my previous statement in the introduction, surveys were going to end up on this list, there was no avoiding it. Qmee is a survey app that pays you small amounts of money for your opinion Again, you have to fit certain criteria to answer some surveys. This means there are times when you are a few questions into a survey and get thrown out because you are not part of the target group or your demographic is overly represented in the submitted responses.

Qmee is also available as a Google Chrome extension that collects money based on your searches. The searches have to be shopping-related, so this includes searches on online stores. For someone who doesn’t shop on the high-street a lot, it could be very useful. The app also provides you with money-saving deals as you search, so you can try to get a discount on what you are looking for. This version also includes the surveys, so if you don’t have space on your phone, this can be another way to go.

A bonus – you can withdraw money to your PayPal account at any time and at any value. Having no minimum withdrawal threshold immediately makes this a better option than most survey websites, so give it a go.

5. Shoppix

The Golden Child of this list and my best friend of 2 years. This app got me through some tough times during university and still comes in handy now since I am just as poor, if not poorer. Shoppix is an app where you take pictures of receipts for vouchers, including PayPal and Amazon. There are also Love2Shop and iTunes vouchers available as rewards. You can take a picture of almost any receipt as long as it has the date, name of the shop, what you purchased, the total you paid and the payment method. Even receipts from the local corner shop are fair game.

You can take pictures of receipts that family members or housemates have received too. The only set-back is if you have more than one receipt from that same shop that was visited on the same day, you can only get tokens for one of them, even if you visited a different branch. But each receipt is worth the same amount of tokens, so you don’t need to be a big spender to make the most of this app. You get 30 tokens if you take a picture on the same day the receipt was issued, and 25 tokens if you take the picture within 7 days of the purchase.

If you are interested, the app is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

Honourable Mention – Free Lotteries

“Free” and “lottery” are not words that you would expect to be in the same sentence, but here we are! You can enter these lotteries at no cost to you and check the sites each day to see if you have won, and then claim the cash if you have. Of course, the prize money comes from advertising, but the bright side is you don’t have to squander your money on a chance to win. I have been doing this about 3 years now… wait, what? 3 years of my life checking these sites every day, that’s over 1000 days! And how many times have I won? Once. But that one time was worth it. £50 dropped into my PayPal account was an absolute blessing. Thanks, doblotto!

Some people have more luck than me and have won multiple times on different sites. It’s a fun way to spend a bit of your time each day and you might be lucky enough to win big. I was over the moon when I saw my birthdate appear on the screen. I never clicked on anything so fast in my life!

This isn’t a way to earn money, but it is a chance to win it without gambling. Below is a list of websites I visit each day. There are more of them out there and MoneySaving Expert has an article outlining a good deal of them. The links provided are my referral links for each site, if applicable.

  • Pick My Postcode – The site that started it all for me on the 27th September 2016. This one has the biggest payouts with people winning 1000s of pounds at a time with the rollovers on the main draw. There are also 6 other draws you have a chance at winning from. Check it out here.
  • Freemoji – Run by the same team as Pick My Postcode, this is a site where you enter a combination of emojis for your chance to win cash starting from $20 and rolling over each day it goes unclaimed. Join here.
  • Doblotto – Enter your birthdate or anyone else’s to have a chance at winning £50 on the main draw. There are two bonus draws for £5 and £10 based on your loyalty points, which you get for visiting each day. Join the site here. Edit (26/04/2021) – This website has shut down with hopes of coming back one day 🙁
  • Free Lucky Lottery – Enter a lucky 4-digit code and check-in each day to see if you have won an amount starting from £10 and rolling over each day. There are loyalty points for this one too, but they go towards a special draw at the end of the year for the winter holidays. Sign up here. Edit (26/04/2021) – This website has since shut down 🙁
  • Free Birthdate Lottery – Enter any birthdate and have a chance of winning £10 in the main draw and the survey draw. They have monthly competitions with a question each day of the month. Answering them gives you points, even if you are wrong and those count as entries towards another draw. Here’s the link.
  • My Lucky Patch – Add patches to a map wherever you go to increase the number of entries you have in the daily draw. You can win £20 by default but have the option to build your bonus up to £200 by visiting each day. Get started here.
  • Win a Dinner – Run by PMP team, this site gives you a chance to win restaurant vouchers to dine out, a PayPal transfer or a chance to donate food to charity. Find out more here.

That was my insane list of ways to earn some extra cash. It wasn’t really insane regarding its content, rather it was insane because I released it later than expected. I’m sorry, but I hope you did enjoy it. May your PayPal accounts get flooded with earnings and your days be merry.

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